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#  Monday, 26 December 2005

This video shows what you need to make your AddIns ready for the AddIn Manager and package them as ".sdaddin"-files.

AddInManager.wmv (2,37 MB; 05:12 m)

It uses the Image Viewer addin from the third AddIn-writing tutorial.

Additional downloads: (4,53 KB) - source code of the test AddIn (2,92 KB) - binary package of the test addin (remove the ".zip" extension, it's just there because this blog doesn't accept ".sdaddin" files)

There is a bug SharpDevelop 2 Beta 1 which causes the AddInManager to crash when opening the .sdaddin-file created in this video. It has been fixed in build 940, so make sure you get a recent build from the build server.

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